3 Big Mistakes Women Make When Trying to Fix Their Relationships

love relationships Jun 01, 2022

For the record, I've made all of these mistakes far more often and longer than I care to admit. And here we are... and I've learned a ton from those mistakes. I want to make sure that you don't fall into the same traps.

  1. Compromise our needs and values to make things "easier" in the relationship. We don't want to be a fuss or sound too demanding, so we let a few things go. We might bring something up, but it started a fight, so we let it go. Well, in this week's workshop, I'm going to show you how you can still ask for what you need, stand firm in that need, and never feel like you are asking for too much, being too demanding, or compromising on your needs.
  2. We lose our softness and gentleness so that we can be tough and strong. Let me tell you, there is soooo much fierce power in grace and calmness. It's a potent and powerful way to use your feminine energies in your favor. There's a time to be tough, and there's a time to be gentle. I'll show you how this ancient science works.
  3. We abandon our intuitionWhat red flags? What uneasy feeling? I don't see any warning signs! Girl, our inner guidance has been quietly speaking to us for years, and we keep ignoring her. That stops this week. From now on, we'll listen to our inner wisdom because she knows no fear, speaks only the truth, and only wants what's best for us. Too often, we let our ego (yup, the same ego that lives in fear, insecurity, and worry) take over. We allow our minds, not our hearts, to guide us. I'll teach you how to tap into your intuition during the workshop.

 I can't wait to see you there! Here's where to sign up for the workshop on July 21st @ 11am PDT.




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