To be fully self-expressed, to explore, and to be loved as ourselves.

Spiritual Growth 

For inner peace and connection to our higher selves and to the oneness with everything in the Universe.


To face our fears and be uncomfortable so that we can realize our greatest potential and share our gifts.


My purpose is to help others connect with their true selves by holding space and offering my guidance and care, using my knowledge and experience in psychology, psychedelics, and spirituality.


I envision a global paradigm shift where we all reconnect to our inner wisdom and to Nature so that we can be fully self expressed and loved for our truest selves. I wish for us all to grow spiritually and gain knowledge  from each other, Nature, and the spiritual realm.


I spent my entire adult life living in New York and Los Angeles running around, chasing dreams, and trying to live up to some imaginary version of success. In many ways, I was successful- I had great jobs, I was a serial entrepreneur, I sat on charity boards, and earned multiple graduate degrees.

I did all the “right” things. I also did a lot of the “wrong” things.

At one point, I sold weed for a living. At another point, I was an exotic dancer.

Despite doing the right things and the wrong things in the name of success and looking good, I felt empty. I felt like there had to be more to life than what I was allowing myself to experience.

I was stuck. I was stuck in a loop of limiting beliefs about what I was worthy of. I thought that because of my past, I was worthy of only a small, finite amount of joy, love, and happiness. I obeyed a cruel narrative in my head that said that nobody would respect me no matter how hard I worked, how many degrees I earned, or which non-profit I chaired.

After several years of therapy, experimenting with psychedelics, studying the human mind, and traveling my spiritual path, I realized that I had been untrue to myself. I was doing everything in my life for other people’s validation. My apartments, my cars, my wardrobe- all of it was for appearance’s sake. None of it felt good. None of it was for me.

Since that realization, I have been taking psilocybin once or twice a year to help me gain clarity and find my way back home to my true self. I did the work. I got well acquainted with my shadow side and learned to accept my shortcomings. I healed my inner child and learned to nurture her whenever she needed love. I took a long, hard look at my mother wound, what it meant for me to be a woman, and how to turn my trauma into my superpower. Through these processes, I found my true self.

My true self is committed to helping others reconnect with their inner wisdom. I want every person to realize their birthright to be fully self-expressed, loved, and divinely supported by Nature.

Masters in Psychology

Masters in Social Entrepreneurship and Change

Certified Hypnotherapist

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