Through a thoughtful clarity process, you'll create a grand vision for your life. You'll transform from the inside out with this vision in mind. 

self discovery

Through a deep self-discovery process aimed to eliminate limiting thought habits, you'll connect with your inner wisdom that has all the answers.


With committed, clear, aligned action, you'll catapult yourself toward your ideal life faster than you've ever imagined. 

transform your life in 30 days


The Conscious Clarity Intensive Series is a based on the longer, private program,  Crystal Clarity. Rather than 3 months of personal coaching, I'll coach you through the entire program over the course of 4 weeks within a small, intimate group. 

We'll apply 12 learning modules to help you gain clarity with any challenge you are facing, create a focussed action plan, and start moving in the direction of your life's purpose. Whether you've been struggling to find a clear path for your career, relationship, wealth, health, purpose, or any other challenge, you'll finish the intensive with a greater clarity in all areas of life. 


week 1

November 19th 10a - 3p

I'll take you through a process to identify exactly what you want out of life. Too often, when people face a dilemma in life, they refer to the past, external references, and fear to guide them. I'll help you cut through the mental noise to find what is truly meant for you. 

week 2

November 26th 10a - 3p

The second week focusses on self-discovery. We'll unlock your hidden gifts and release blockages so that you can approach your challenge with renewed courage and clarity. 

week 3

December 3rd 10a - 3p

During the third week, you'll create a set of actionable goals that will move you toward the dream life you desire and deserve. With each new goal to which you commit, your courage and enthusiasm will grow exponentially.

week 4

December 10th 10a - 3p

The final week will ensure that you stay on track with your commitment by engaging trust, action, and discipline. 

By the end of the month-long course, your outlook on life and your life will never be the same. 

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