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clear away mental noise to get what you really want out of life



Through a thoughtful clarity process, you'll create a grand vision for your life. You'll transform from the inside out with this vision in mind. 

self discovery

Through a deep self-discovery process aimed to eliminate limiting thought habits, you'll connect with your inner wisdom that has all the answers.  


With committed, clear, aligned action, you'll courageously catapult yourself toward your ideal life faster than you've ever imagined. 

is this familiar?

  • You've got a career decision to make, but you don't want to jeopardize everything you've worked so hard for.
  • You know your relationship needs a big change, but you're afraid of further pain.
  • You've made poor investments in the past and you're afraid of making the same mistake.
  • You've seen others take big business risks and don't want to end up in the same pitfalls.
  • You're ready for a lifestyle change for your health, but your friends and family are not supportive.
  • You're pretty certain about what you need to do, but you're afraid of what others will think.


now imagine...

  • Elevating your career through actions aligned with your life's purpose so that every day is filled with joy and meaning
  • Waking up with a full, open heart, grateful that all your needs are met so you can spread more love and joy
  • Multiplying your investments through channels that excite you so you can afford the future your desire and deserve
  • Confidently growing your business with powerful leadership that brings more good into the world
  • Take charge of your health and well-being so that you can age with grace and vitality
  • Confidently tapping into your intuition to guide you toward the life that's meant for you



what you are seeking



All the mental noise built up over the years get in the way of honouring what truly matters. Instead of following dreams, passions, and purpose, people too often allow past mistakes, well-intentioned (often misaligned) advice, and pessimistic predictions hold them back from their highest potential.

Eventually, analysis paralysis kicks in, decisions are never made, and they're still where they've been year after year. Nothing changes. 

Let me show you a new way to find clarity and direction. I'll help you cut through the mental noise and find the courage to create your ideal life. We'll work from the inside out to create a grand vision for your life, discover how to show up for yourself to realize that vision and hold you accountable while you execute goal after goal toward that vision. 

Using my signature framework, we'll move from one pillar of clarity to the next. It all starts with what you believe about the world and yourself. We'll sift away what beliefs serve you and which ones hold you back. From this place of greater clarity, you'll create a vision for your life. Through inspired, courageous action, you'll gain even greater clarity. By the end of our time together, you'll have a clear roadmap that leads you to your dream life.

let's talk to determine which program is best for you



group coaching


The Conscious Clarity Intensive Series is a based on the longer, private coaching program. Rather than 3 months of personal coaching, I'll coach you through the entire program over the course of 4 weeks within a small, intimate group. 


private coaching


Crystal Clarity is a 3-month transformation program to help find clarity, direction, and purpose in all areas of your life. We use self-discovery exercises, skill building, rituals, and intention to facilitate an internal paradigm shift. As a result, you will see and experience life in a completely new way.

elite coaching


Diamond Clarity is a high-touch, hybrid (in-person / online) program. We'll go beyond planning and practice. This program is designed for deep healing and mastery of every aspect of your life so you can realize your true, highest potential - from the inside out.




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